“Using chunks of cheese, not paste, fooled this big chub” – Vito Napoli

7lb 4oz summer giant taken on the Great Ouse

“Using chunks of cheese, not paste, fooled this big chub” - Vito Napoli

by Angling Times |

“Cheesepaste is a classic chub bait, but with so many people using it, I’m sure the fish start to recognise the stuff and become wary of it.

“That’s why I prefer to use cheese straight off the block. By tearing it off, rather than cutting it, the bait takes on a rough appearance, giving the fish something unusual, and it releases particles that drift enticingly downstream. My choice is Provolone cheese. You can get it from Italian Continental shops, and I like to sweat mine out first by placing a block in a bag with a slight hole in it, making it even more pungent.

“First time out this season I had a great result on the cheese, landing this superb 7lb 4oz chub. Arriving at the Great Ouse, one area caught my eye and my stalking senses kicked in. Despite two arms covered in rashes thanks to waist-high nettles, I was soon in position.

“I gently pinched a chunk of cheese on to the shank of the hook and carefully under-armed it into streamer weed on my nearside.

“My single shot disappeared from sight, and a short turn of the reel handle was followed by the iconic clunk of my Mitchell 300’s bail-arm. I find touch legering to be a deadly method. It connects you to what’s happening on the riverbed, and I guarantee, if you learn the method, in time you’ll hit more and bigger fish.

“I was stirred from my reverie by two rapid plucks on my finger. Lifting the rod, I felt a solid resistance. A beautiful curve in my cane rod developed, and the fish stayed on the bottom, calculating its escape route. I kept up the pressure and could feel the fish tiring, and when it eventually surfaced and the swirls parted, I saw it was a spectacular chub. After a quick prayer I got it safely on to dry land.

“Weighing 7lb 4oz, it was still half empty from spawning. If you’re looking for an edge in your chub fishing this season, find your local Italian Continental shop and give the cheese a go.”

Vito Napoli – 7lb 4oz chub
Vito Napoli – 7lb 4oz chub
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