Two PB pike in two days! – Brad Kitchen

Thames personal best doubled the very next day

Two PB pike in two days! - Brad Kitchen

by Angling Times |

“The day after landing my PB pike at 14lb 6oz, I returned to the same spot on the River Thames with a spring in my step.

“After a while I’d had little action on my mackerel deadbaits (one legered, one on the float) so I switched to my lure rod.

“I cast towards the dying bulrushes on the far bank, and as I retrieved the lure with small pauses it was smashed by what I first thought was a jack pike. It was only when I saw this beast that I knew I was into another personal best.

“I played it cautiously and luckily all went to plan, with the fish soon resting in the net. I realised that it absolutely dwarfed the previous day’s pike… in fact, it doubled its weight at 29lb 2oz!

“I thanked the fish, gave it a kiss, and then let it swim off home.”

Brad Kitchen – 29lb 2oz pike
Brad Kitchen – 29lb 2oz pike
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