Two PB perch in two casts

Brace of 4lb-plus river specimens

Two PB perch in two casts

by Angling Times |

A QUIVERTIPPING session on his local river paid off in fine style for Loughborough angler Leo Heathcote, who landed a pair of perch of 4lb 14oz and 4lb 13oz.

After a fruitless morning, he had a few feederfuls of chopped worm left so he dropped into one last swim on the way back to the car.

He quickly hooked what felt like a small pike, and was cursing his luck when a huge mouth and spiky dorsal surfaced. At 4lb 13oz, it beat his pb by 5oz.

After a few pictures, he returned the fish and dropped the same lobworm bait into the swim. Straight away the tip buckled round, and he connected with another giant, which raised his PB by a further 1oz.

Leo Heathcote – 4lb 14oz and  4lb 13oz perch
Leo Heathcote – 4lb 14oz and 4lb 13oz perch
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