Two fish…one hook!

This angler certainly got the fish competing...

Two hook!

by Angling Times |

Angling Times reader, Nick Cleeve, sent us perhaps one of the most unusual catch reports of the year last week - two fish on the same hook!

He told Angling Times:

"I was fishing The Park Fishery in Market Rasen when this happened – two delicate crucian carp on the same hook!

"I was chucking a Method feeder about on a session with my wife, Michelle. Then, after a string of bites from F1s, roach and rudd,

"I connected with something slightly heavier.

"The fight wasn’t particularly strange, but as I brought it in and saw these two crucians pop up I couldn’t believe it!

"They were both hooked fairly in the mouth on a wafter hookbait, and I shouted to Michelle to come over and take a picture. I’ve not caught a crucian for years, and had always believed they were very cautious feeders – which makes this catch all the more unusual."

Both these crucians wanted Nick's hookbait
Both these crucians wanted Nick's hookbait
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