Two 100lb-plus catfish in just 8 days!

Kelly Laws nets giants from two different venues

Two 100lb-plus catfish in just 8 days!

by Angling Times |

THERE aren’t many anglers who can claim to have caught multiple 100lb-plus UK catfish, but predator fishing enthusiast Kelly Laws managed the extraordinary feat in just over a week.

The 49-year-old special needs teacher began by banking one of the biggest cats at Oak Lakes in Southminster, Essex, at a whopping 121lb, before moving on to Crow Green, in the same county, and catching the venue’s ‘top cat’ at 126lb.

“I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been, I feel blessed. It was my first visit to both venues and both cats struck on the last cast of the session,” Kelly said.

She was assisted by her husband and fisher partner Matt, who had to ‘chin’ out the first 120lb-plus specimen due to its incredible length.

“That fish was well over 7ft, and there was no way it was going to get into a landing net!” Kelly added.

Crow Green's ‘top cat’ at 126lb
Crow Green's ‘top cat’ at 126lb

So why catfish?

“They’re amazing creatures, and since the first time I saw one, I’ve loved them. A lot of people think you need brute strength to play these giant fish but, provided you have the correct kit, it’s more down to technique in the fight.”

Kelly’s gear included 80lb braid reel line and a 120lb hooklength. Both cats fell to fish hookbaits, presented over CatMaster Tackle Red Supreme Halibut pellets in Red Fish sauce.

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