Thames mullet puts up ‘phenomenal’ fight

5lb 7oz fish falls to bread flake

Thames mullet puts up 'phenomenal' fight

by Angling Times |

Mullet can be one of the most frustrating of fish to try and catch. But that didn't stop Peter Dombi from having a cast at them on a recent session.

He told Angling Times:

“I saw a shoal of mullet swimming about in the shallows on a recent session on the Thames at Twickenham. I decided to target them with legered bread flake on a size 8 hook and connected with this fish of 5lb 7oz 8dr.

“The fight was phenomenal, and their reputation as one of our hardest-fighting fish is well-deserved. It went on incredibly fast runs interspersed with quiet periods as it recovered its strength.

“Luckily there were no snags to worry about, and it took about 15 minutes to land on 5lb line.”

Peter Dombi and his 5lb 7oz mullet
Peter Dombi and his 5lb 7oz mullet
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