Tench hit topped by 11lb-plus specimen

Giant tench puts up epic scrap on weedy southern pit

Chris Stothard – 11lb 3oz tench

by Angling Times |

FOLLOWING a tricky spring with only a handful of fish, Chris Stothard had a fantastic session on a large southern pit, with a hit of fish topped by this 11lb 3oz cracker.

Chris, the Tenchfishers Regional Officer for South Hants and Dorset, was on a midweek session.

Dropping into a favoured area, he fed hemp, pellets and dead maggots over a plateau at 50 yards and landed a string of fish to 9lb 10oz through the first night and into the morning.

A lull followed, so he introduced a good hit of bait and at 9pm his right-hand rod was away. Straight away, he was weeded up, but by putting the rod down and slackening off he got the fish moving. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, he slipped the big girl over the net.

Chris Stothard – 11lb 3oz tench
Chris Stothard – 11lb 3oz tench
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