Tackling Minds offering fully-funded angling coaching

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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Have you ever wanted to become a fishing coach and use your angling expertise to help make a difference to people's lives who may be struggling with various illnesses or issues? Fishing, as we know, benefits those who partake in it in many different ways, and Tackling Minds are looking for anglers to pass on their passion for angling to those who have yet to experience it.

Along with your recognised coaching qualifications, you’ll also receive your first aid certificate, safeguarding training, and a full DBS check, so you will be fully trained and ready to help your local community via angling. If successful, these qualifications will be entirely funded by Tackling Minds, so you needn't worry about the cost or organising the coaching yourself.

Tackling Minds has already helped many people who are struggling, making it a worthwhile organization to be involved with, especially if you enjoy helping others and fishing. The team is currently looking for volunteers in the North West region of the UK, but this is expected to expand in the future, so keep an eye on their social media channels if you live outside that area.

To get involved, please follow this link where all the details can be found: www.tacklingminds.org/volunteer


Some of the team at Tackling Minds.
Some of the team at Tackling Minds.

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