Silverfish ‘disappear’ from popular river

What’s happened to the Ancholme’s formerly prolific silverfish stocks?

What’s happened to the Ancholme’s formerly prolific silverfish stocks?

by Angling Times |

REGULARS on a northern river have been left scratching their heads over the disappearance of silverfish stocks from a popular club angling stretch.

Lincolnshire’s River Ancholme is famed for the fantastic winter sport it offers, with glistening bags of plump roach a regular fixture in past years.

However, sport has steadily declined in the past few seasons, with the most recent contest seeing 29 of the 40 participants failing to catch – forcing organisers to switch venues.

Tim Goldby has fished the venue for 30 years and believes there are two reasons for the disappearance of the silverfish shoals.

“We all know that rivers go through cycles, but this is more sinister,” he said. “The Ancholme runs into the Humber and is held back by lock gates. These used to be controlled by a lock keeper, but now they’re automatic. In the past, a steady

run-off occurred when they were opened, but now it’s like flushing a toilet – flushing small fish straight out to sea. Goosander and cormorant predation has also increased.”

We contacted the EA to see if it can shed any light on the Ancholme’s decline. Watch this space for updates.

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