The sturdlefish. Half American paddlefish,half Russian sturgeon

by Angling Times |

SCIENTISTS were left stunned recently when they accidentally created a brand-new type of fish they have christened the sturddlefish!

According to researchers at Hungary’s National Agricultural Research and Innovation Centre, they had no intention of creating a new hybrid, but were keen to see if the critically endangered American paddlefish and Russian sturgeon would breed in captivity.

To their shock, hundreds of offspring were born, resulting in a new fish cross that has now grown to adulthood.

The fascinating story made us wonder which of our coarse fish could potentially hybridise and what the result would be?

The best example of a successful breeding practice in the UK coarse fishing world is, of course, the F1 – the result of crossing crucian carp with common carp.

Who knows? Maybe some time in the future we’ll see the real-life hybridisation of a perch and a pike, or a carp and a tench!

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