‘Record-shaking dace’ landed from a lake

Specimen falls to whip

'Record-shaking dace' landed from a lake

by Angling Times |

BIG dace are normally the preserve of river anglers, but Dave Daly caught what he believes could be a British record-shaking example of the species from a northern stillwater.

Dave, who is a relative newcomer to the sport, was fishing a whip and single maggot at Warrington’s Blundells Fishery when he banked the impressive ‘silver dart’.

“Unfortunately I didn’t have any scales to weigh it,” Dave told us,

“but I genuinely think it was a record dace. The River Mersey runs alongside the fishery, so maybe it originally came from there?”

While most big dace have historically come from running water venues, species expert Dr Mark Everard revealed that they can also thrive in lakes.

“That looks like a big dace!” he said.

“They can do well in stillwaters that’ve been flooded by rivers. Pits in the Hampshire Avon valley used to have some big ones.”

Dave Daly took the fish from Blundells Fishery
Dave Daly took the fish from Blundells Fishery
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