‘Phenomenal’ Horseshoe Lake tench

by Angling Times |

Luke Cornforth visited Horseshoe Lake in Gloucestershire to bank this immaculate 11lb 8oz tench.

He located a gravel strip in one of the weediest areas of the 62-acre pit, and baited it with chopped worms, casters, hemp and 2mm pellets, all soaked in potent Calanus liquid. Two rods then went out with helicopter rigs baited with worm kebab hookbaits.

On day one a few small male tench came to the net. The next morning Luke introduced more loosefeed and soon landed a fish of 9lb 6oz, before piling in the remainder of his bait.

Just as he started packing away his gear, he had a slow take on his right-hand rod and managed to slip his new personal best into the net first time, to cap what Luke described as a ‘phenomenal session’.

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