Out-of-season anglers targeted

Operation Sting off to a good start

Out-of-season anglers targeted

by Angling Times |

ANGLERS fishing the River Trent during the closed season are being tackled head-on by a new initiative set up to patrol the banks.

Organised by John Anderson, of the Burton Trent Partnership, the first patrol – Operation Sting 1 – saw 18 people, including police officers, Environment Agency bailiffs, a member of the local council’s Community Enforcement Team, Angling Trust VBS bailiffs, and bailiffs from local angling clubs, on the bank.

According to John, the patrols are already having an impact. He said:

“On the first one we apprehended a group of individuals fishing out of season. Since then we’ve not had any more cases at the known hotspots. Word seems to have got around.”

Operation Sting 2 is now in the pipeline, and John revealed how the police are keen to get involved.

“Other angling clubs have got in touch, too, wanting to do something similar,” added John.

“It’s important that the angling community as a whole rallies round and sends a message that we will not put up with illegal fishing.”

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