Nine-year-old and family land monster river pike!

Team work was key in the capture of this giant...

Simeon Didsley and daughter Eliza with their giant river pike

by Angling Times |

FAMILY fishing trips don’t come much better than Simeon Didsley’s recent outing, during which this 30lb pike was hooked by his nine-year-old daughter, played by himself, and then netted by his wife!

The trio were biteless after several hours of fishing on a stretch of their local River Glen, but that all changed when Simeon’s daughter Eliza picked up the rod.

Simeon said:

“Suddenly she stopped and told me it was stuck on something. Thinking she was snagged, I took the rod off her, assuming that she’d hooked the bottom…. but then the bottom started moving!”

After a 15-minute fight, Simeon’s wife Fleur netted the huge pike, before he weighed the fish in a state of shock.

“It went somewhere between 31lb and 32lb. Of course, Eliza is claiming it as her own!” said Simeon.

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