New match set to boost ‘ELITE’ fishing

Invite-only contest geared towards raising public profile of the sport and attracting new investment...

by Angling Times |

IN A MONTH’S time, two dozen of Britain’s best match anglers are set to compete in a unique, invitation-only event that it’s hoped will help usher in a new era for top-level fishing.

The Elite League Showcase is the brainchild of Steve Dorks, the man behind the £100,000 Fishing Association Super Cup – the biggest prize pot in British match angling history which debuted last year. Steve is passionate about further raising the profile of the sport with the general public, but believes it needs to be packaged in the right way to unlock its full potential.

After taking advice, he’s selected two dozen of the best commercial fishery anglers in the UK, with Jamie Hughes, Andy Bennett and Nick Speed among those who will compete for a £6,000 prize on August 27. Steve hopes that the new event can ultimately help to create an ‘Elite League’ of match anglers and a new professional ranking system for Britain’s best.

“For the sport to grow, we need to raise its marketability, and by raising the profile of elite level fishing I believe we can do that,” Steve told us. “Fishing has the potential to rival darts, but we need to bring more money in from external sources. This event will hopefully show investors that there’s potential in fishing at the highest level, and from there, we’ll be able to progress.”

Interestingly, the match will be held at a venue called Marston Fields – a brand new fishery that hasn’t opened yet. This contest is set to be its inaugural match.

“I wanted to add an element of mystery to things, and this venue will put all competitors on an even playing field in terms of venue knowledge,” Steve added.

Members of the public are welcome to attend the match. For more information, visit:

The Competitors

1. Jamie Hughes

2. Andy Bennett

3. Andy Power

4. Zac Brown

5. Tom Edwards

6. Matty Dawes

7. Pemb Wrighting

8. Paul Holland

9. Dale Sheppard

10. Simon Skelton

11. Nick Speed

12. John Harvey

13. Lee Thornton

14. Darren Cox

15. Ollie Scotthorne

16. Alex Docherty

17. Simon Fry

18. Andy Kinder

19. Grant Albutt

20. Chris Weeder

21. Andy Neale

22. John Whincup

23. Jon Arthur

24. Adam Richards

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