“My first ‘seven’ on the float!” – Tom Bryant

Big Dorset Stour chub falls under a loafer

"My first 'seven' on the float!" - Tom Bryant

by Angling Times |

“With conditions improving I decided on my first day of trotting this season and headed to a local stretch of the Dorset Stour. Armed with six pints of maggots and a loafer float, I managed a few small chub before heading to a swim that’s produced for me before.

“I fed it for half-an-hour, then started running my float through. On my first trot down I managed a three-pounder, then bumped three fish off in a row, so I changed to a wide-gape hook.

“Not long afterwards the float buried again, and I struck into a fish that stayed deep as I slowly worked it the 30 yards or so back towards me.

“When I saw it roll, I knew it was a big ’un, but on the scales I couldn’t believe it when the dial spun round round to 7lb 3oz. My first ever ‘seven’ and to have it on the float was all the better.”

Tom Bryant – 7lb 3oz chub
Tom Bryant – 7lb 3oz chub
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