‘MUTANT’ grass carp caught from tiny river!

by Angling Times |

WE’VE had no shortage of strange species reported this season, but this freakish albino grass carp from a shallow urban river is one of the most unusual-looking of all.

It was caught by Twickenham angler Laurence Davies from a tiny waterway next to his work yard. After clocking off one day, the 22-year-old tree surgeon peered into the water running under a small bridge he used to fish from years ago, and was shocked by what he saw.

“I spotted this mutant-looking grass carp cruising around and immediately rushed home to get my tackle,” he said.

“After hooking on a bit of freelined bread, I flicked it out and watched the fish take the bait without hesitation. It’s the second slightly unusual fish I’ve caught lately, because I also managed a sea trout from the River Thames a few weeks back.”

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