Andrew Rockley and his new 31lb PB pike, which took a boilie hookbait!

by Angling Times |

“By trade I’m the boilie line manager at Dynamite Baits, and recently a few of my colleagues arranged to fish a weekend social on a lake not far from where we work.

“We’d not long finished rolling some new pop-ups which are due for release next year, so I thought it would be rude to not take some with me on this trip.

“We got to the lake after work on the Friday, but none of us had received a single take by the time Saturday morning came around. However, I was sat having a brew when out of the corner of my eye I spotted a fish roll. Immediately I wound in one of my rigs with the new pop-up attached and cast it to the spot.

“Five minutes later the line tightened and started to trickle off the spool, so I hit into what was a very heavy fish.

“I thought I had a new PB carp on the cards but after a few good runs, when I

had to slacken off the clutch as it nearly pulled me in, this huge pike jumped clear of the water!

“After a few more runs up and down the margin my mate Trev managed to scoop it up in the net.

“By the time we’d rested it, all the lads had come round to have a look and the sheer size and length of the fish was hard for us all to take in!

“On the scales she went 31lb exactly, which beat my previous PB pike by a good 12lb.

“I’m still in shock over this catch!”

Andrew Rockley and his new 31lb PB pike, which took a boilie hookbait!

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