Monster pike on the fly smashes PB

by Angling Times |

FLY fishing for pike seems to be becoming increasingly popular, and it’s no wonder, given the number of huge fish that fall to the tactic.

This 34lb 8oz croc is the most recent, and was caught from Blagdon Lake by Tom Leslie, owner of the fishing and shooting shop, Fin and Game.

Targeting a shallow bay just off a deeper area, Tom cast big orange and white flies.

As the fish hit the fly on the edge of a drop-off, he saw it roll over and straight away knew it was special.

In the shallow water it went on powerful runs, and as it neared the boat he guessed it was an upper twenty. Once in the net, however, it was clearly far larger, and at over 34lb, it obliterates the 7lb PB he started the day with.

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