Monster perch fights like a big carp – Ronnie Ahad

"Once it surfaced, I realised that it was this huge perch"

by Angling Times |

“On a trip to Newstead Lake in Nottinghamshire I was fishing the margins for carp, using a Method feeder and a worm hookbait, when all of a sudden my 10ft feeder rod bent round as I received a really decent bite.

“I struck and found myself attached to what initially felt like quite a big carp, but as the battle wore on I wasn’t so sure, and began to wonder what it might be on the other end.

“I could feel the fish thumping away down deep and thought it might have been a tench. However, once it surfaced, I realised that it was this huge perch, which tipped my scales round to 5lb 2oz!”

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