Monster eel completes lifetime goal

by Angling Times |

EVER since he was a boy, Nottinghamshire angler Justin Stoddart has been obsessed with catching a big eel, and last week his dream finally came true with this 6lb 10oz beast.

Targeting a lake near his home in Tuxford, Justin made sure to be out when there was a new moon, as he’s convinced that’s when the largest specimens feed. Arriving at 6pm, he had a walk round the banks and noticed lots of activity in one area, with small fish showing, as well as carp fizzing. Justin reckoned this commotion would get the eels’ attention, so he decided to fish there.

He had his first bite on a chopped lobworm hookbait as the light started to fade and there followed an immense ‘tug of war’ with what was clearly a powerful fish.

After netting it at the first attempt, Justin was left blown away by the fish that beats his long-standing PB of 5lb 2oz, an eel he landed 25 years ago on a pike fishing trip.

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