The small carp stuck inside the method feeder was returned unharmmed

by Angling Times |

YOU’LL struggle to find a better catcher of carp than the Method, but Angling Times reader Malcolm Moore took it to the next level during his latest session.

The 57-year-old from Crooke near Wigan, was fishing a southern stillwater with his mate Neil when he made a surprise discovery - a carp INSIDE his feeder!

He tells us:

“We were casting regularly to ensure our swims were baited, but on one occasion I reeled in to discover this tiny carp lodged in my feeder!

“Neil and I had never seen anything like it and we couldn’t stop laughing.

“Luckily, I managed to free it and send it on its way with no harm done.

“I jokingly told him to send his daddy instead, and ended up catching a 15lb carp 20 minutes later!”

It’s not the first time a fish has lodged itself inside a feeder, as our very own Mark Sawyer can vouch for during a tackle test on the Great Ouse in 2016.

After receiving a twitchy bite, Mark wound in to find a 4oz roach was stuck fast inside his cage feeder!

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