Look out for Prussian carp

Invasive species alert!

Look out for Prussian carp

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SIGHTINGS of invasive Prussian carp in UK waters are being investigated by the Environment Agency, and anglers are being warned to be on the lookout for any fish they suspect might be the alien strain in their local fishery.

Easily mistaken for crucians, Prussian, or Gibel, carp originate from Siberia and have been introduced to waterways across Europe, North America and Asia. The species is capable of reproducing and spreading rapidly, and the EA is trying to clarify the extent of its distribution after sightings in rivers and stillwaters.

Prussian carp lack the golden colour and rounded head of our crucians
Prussian carp lack the golden colour and rounded head of our crucians

A spokesperson for the Agency said:

“Should you catch, or suspect to have caught, a Prussian carp, send us a clear photo showing their key ID features.”

It is however crucial that anglers do not mistake these fish for true crucians. There are key differences between the two, with the Prussian carp lacking the golden colour of a crucian, as well as having a less rounded head and tail fin.

If you’ve caught what you believe to be an invasive species contact the EA on 0800 807060

Prussian Carp ID

• Pointed snout

• No barbules

• A convex or straight dorsal fin

• A forked tail

• Anal fin with 5½ rays

• Lateral line count of 29 to 33 scales

Prussian Carp ID
Prussian Carp ID ©Shutterstock
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