The two carp unfortunately did not survive the poachers

by Angling Times |

Two poachers caught red-handed stealing fish from a Shropshire club water ended up with a long walk home this week after their car was seized by police.

At Telford AA’s Dandy Pool in Dawley, club members noticed a trio of Eastern European anglers acting suspiciously.

“They were catching carp, killing them, and sending a young lad into the trees to hide them in a bin bag,” reveals club vice chairman Jon Portman.

“Our secretary arrived with a team of bailiffs, confronted the anglers, and found two double-figure carp in a bag, as well as duck eggs they’d stolen from nests.”

Police and Environment Agency officers discovered that the offenders had driven all the way from Wolverhampton using just a provisional driving licence.

“Their car was towed away and their tackle confiscated. Evidence is now being compiled in order to take them to court. Despite this incident, we are not tarring all Eastern Europeans with the same brush and we have a good relationship with the foreign members of our club,” Jon adds.

The poachers ended up without their vehicle or fishing tackle.
The poachers ended up without their vehicle or fishing tackle.
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