Litter ‘worse than ever’ at fisheries

“If anglers don’t tidy up their act we’ll lose more small venues”

Litter 'worse than ever' at fisheries

by Angling Times |

A FISHERY boss is calling for anglers to tidy up their act after issues with litter at his venue reached an all-time high.

Ricky Moore owns Whitmore Fisheries in Lancashire and has had enough of so-called ‘anglers’ leaving everything from hook packets to folding chairs behind.

Not only does it cost him and his team time and money, but also puts angling in a bad light.

“It’s pathetic,” he told us.

“I care about how the fishery looks, so every morning someone spends two hours walking the complex picking up litter. The other day they filled two large bin liners. There’s no excuse for it. I know it’s not all anglers, but I don’t see how anyone can think leaving rubbish is right.

“I know of small fisheries where they’ve just one lake that’ve closed down because of all the rubbish and problems anglers are causing.

“If anglers don’t tidy up their act we’ll lose more small venues.”

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