Light tackle tames specimen dace

Size 24 hook and 14oz hooklink tricks Hampshire Avon beauty

Light tackle tames specimen dace

by Angling Times |

SCALING down your gear can make a big difference to your fishing, but Southampton angler Steve Allen took things to another level on a recent dace session, going down to a microscopic size 24 hook and a 14oz bottom to land this 1lb specimen.

Targeting the Hampshire Avon, he trotted red maggots down an 8ft-deep run. Bites were finicky, and he had to constantly adjust his end tackle and depth to locate where the fish were feeding.

After dotting his float right down, he connected with a fish that put a solid bend in his rod. Playing it gingerly to the net, it sat alongside two other 10oz dace. Unsurprisingly, he’s thrilled with all three fish.

Steve Allen  – 1lb dace
Steve Allen – 1lb dace
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