Invasive Prussian carp confirmed in four fisheries in England

by Angling Times |

THE presence of invasive Prussian carp has been confirmed in four fisheries in England, and the Environment Agency is calling for anglers to report sightings of this potentially damaging species.

Posing risks to native fish stocks and fisheries, Prussian carp have caused problems in venues across Europe where they’ve been introduced, so it’s crucial that their spread is stopped. Because they’re very similar in appearance to brown goldfish and crucians, identification can be problematic, so the EA is circulating this image, providing detailed specification.

“While many of their features are shared with other fish, together they can help identify specimens needing further examination,” an EA spokesperson said.

“We’ve confirmed their presence in four fisheries but suspect them in a further nine. If you think you’ve captured one, take images of the fish and email them to us. We’ve placed movement restrictions on waters where they’ve been confirmed.”

To report invasive species email:

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