Huge river rudd ends eight-year campaign

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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A magnificent rudd has ended an eight-year campaign for angler James Denison, when he landed his first 3lb fish from the Fens.

Missing the 16th due to other commitments, James managed to get out the day after but couldn't decide between fishing the River Nene for barbel or targeting the large rudd on the Fens, thankfully he chose the latter as it led to the memorable capture.

"Early season barbel fishing can be patchy, so I decided to go for Rudd instead and it turned out to be an inspired decision as I followed up a 2lb 10oz specimen early in the morning with a fish settling right on the 3lb mark," James told us.

"The take was very subtle, the fight was anything but subtle, as on multiple occasions it dived into pads, reeds and weed, really putting my kit to the test."

"Once I had seen the fish roll on the surface for the first time I knew it was a big fish."

After a heart-stopping few moments, James managed to subdue the large rudd he was attached to and steer it towards his waiting landing net.

"I didn't hesitate to get the net out and slip it under what was surely the fish I'd been searching for and the scales confirmed what I'd hoped when they registered exactly 3lb."

"A 3lb rudd is a fish I have wanted to cross paths with for years and finally got my chance, fantastic feeling to finally have one in my album," James concluded.


James Denison with his magnificent 3lb rudd.
James Denison with his magnificent 3lb rudd.

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