Haul of 20 catfish topped by 72lb 4oz giant…on the float!

Phenomenal session ends with Churchwood's biggest catfish on the float

Haul of 20 catfish topped by 72lb 4oz giant...on the float!

by Angling Times |

RYAN Gibson and Simon Rogers recently enjoyed an astonishing haul of catfish topped by the biggest in the lake at a whopping 72lb 4oz.

Ryan told Angling Times the story...

“A few weeks ago, Simon and I made the two-hour drive down to Churchwood Lakes, with four nights booked on its dedicated cat lake.

“The main aim of the session was to enjoy the time together, as it’s been a fair few years since we had a long fishing session and we had been looking forward to it since October. We aimed for a catfish of over 40lb, but little did we know we’d smash this target before the stroke of midnight!

“I managed to land the first fish of the session, weighing 47lb 2oz, and shortly after Simon followed it with one of 43lb 11oz. We were delighted to have hit the target but, as typical anglers, we wanted one bigger.

“We enjoyed phenomenal fishing. We had around 20 cats between us, up to an immense 72lb 4oz (pictured below) for me – the biggest in the lake, which I caught on the float! And Simon had a 61lb 3oz fish. Both were new PBs! The hopes and dreams for the week became a reality, and the memories will never, ever be forgotten!”

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