Thomas Finney and 4lb 12oz perch from Grafham Water

by Angling Times |

Bright, still conditions didn’t prevent Thomas Finney from landing this stunning 4lb 12oz perch from Cambridgeshire’s Grafham Water.

Thomas knew there was an abundance of small baitfish that threatened to preoccupy his targets.

“I tried drop shotting and casting larger lures without success, so I set up another rod and rigged a small shad in pear silver on a 15g jig head,” he revealed.

“First cast produced a 20lb 8oz pike.

“An hour later I felt another heavy thump on the lure, the rod hooped over and a dogged battle commenced, with me praying that it was a perch and not a trout.

“Soon, a lump of a perch broke surface, barely hooked in the top lip. I got the net under it and immediately it shook the hook free.

“It was enormous. I knew instantly it was going to beat my 4lb 4oz PB that I’d set at Grafham on the fly two months ago. I know I’ll have a hard time beating this one!”

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