Consultation launched on potential beaver reintroduction

Consultation launched on potential beaver reintroduction

by Angling Times |

BEAVERS could soon be set to make a widespread return to England’s rivers for the first time in four centuries, pending the result of a nationwide consultation that was launched last month.

It follows a five-year study on beavers that were reintroduced to Devon’s River Otter, where they were found to bring some benefits to the environment. There has been similar successful projects in Scotland, where wild beaver populations have now been established for the first time since the 16th Century.

However, some sectors of the angling community remain concerned about a large-scale reintroduction of the mammals, with one of the main worries being the impact that beaver dams will have on threatened migratory fish species, while the farming sector has also voiced concerns about damaged trees and land drainage issues.

The Environment Agency (EA), which is working on the 12-week consultation, claims to be fully aware of both sides of the argument. Meanwhile, The Government has also announced plans to give beavers legal protection as a native species.

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