Charity to fund coaching qualifications as demand for ‘angling therapy’ soars

“We really need more volunteers”

by Angling Times |

Britain’s leading provider of mental health angling therapy is offering to fund volunteers’ coaching qualifications in a bid to meet the surging demand for its services from the NHS and other organisations.

Tackling Minds was founded in early 2020 by Manchester-based Dave Lyons. Since then, the award-winning charity has led the way in highlighting the many wellbeing benefits of angling to those suffering with mental health problems, addiction issues and disabilities.

Through the selfless work of Dave and his band of volunteers, in 2021 Tackling Minds helped to get fishing prescribed on the NHS. The initiative has been so successful that it’s now struggling to keep pace with the
ever-growing number of requests from groups who feel their service users would benefit from a day on the bank.

“We really need more volunteers, but for someone to lead a session they must be a fully qualified Level 2 coach,” Dave told us.

“It’s essential that volunteers are proficient in everything from safeguarding to health and safety, and we’re prepared to fund the coaching of selected individuals. We’re looking for people over 16 years of age who want to give something back to fishing.”

Currently, Dave is searching for help in the Manchester area, but he plans to expand the recruitment drive nationwide.

“We get so many enquiries from groups across the country, but just don’t have the manpower to help everyone,” he explained.

“With your readers’ support, hopefully we can help take the benefits of angling to a far wider audience,” he added.

If you want to get involved, please email Dave at

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