Tom Morgan and his 8lb 3oz River Trent chub

by Angling Times |

A carp angler on the River Trent had a real surprise recently when just 15 minutes into an after work session he hooked into a giant chub. One of the biggest examples of the species ever reported from the Midlands river.

The huge specimen spun the scales to an impressive 8lb 3oz and was accompanied to the bank by three other chub, all dwarfed by the fine fish.

Captor Tom Morgan from Keyworth told Angling Times:

“Planning to target carp on the Trent Valley Angling Club stretch at Clifton, I was just about to cast out the third rod, when I had a classic drop-back bite on one of the rods.

“From experience of the chub in this swim in the past, I had a good idea what it would be, as they often shoot under the near bank.

“From the fight, however, I thought maybe I had hooked a small common carp. That was until it surfaced and I could see the unreal size of this chub.

“As it went into the net I said ‘oh my life, look at that!’, I honestly thought I had a record.”

“I honestly thought I had the record”

All Tom’s chub fell to 18mm Source boilies fished on hair rigs with size 6 ESP Cryogen hooks alongside a PVA bag of Complex-T pellets.

“Carp anglers seem to often trip these huge Trent fish up, I think because of the heavy pre-baiting strategy keeping fish in the area for longer,” he said

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