Josh Cooper and his half ghost/half common carp

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“While walking my dogs along the local canal I spotted some carp next to a lock. Over the next two weeks I threw in handfuls of pellets and crushed boilies to the area with the plan to fish it on a Friday after work.

“I got settled into my swim for 6pm and cast two PVA bag rigs containing the same feed mixture of pellets and boilies, alongside CC Moore Pacific Tuna wafters.

“At 2am I awoke to a screaming alarm and ran to the rod barefoot because I couldn’t get my shoes on quickly enough! After a minute I got him up to the surface and got a peep of his white head.

“I thought I’d caught a ghost carp, but when I’d got him in the net I saw the rest of his golden body and white tail. I’ve looked online and can’t a find another fish like it – it’s certainly a one-in-a-million catch.”

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