Britain is fast becoming a dream angling destination – Rob Hughes

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If money were no object, where would you go fishing? There’s such a wonderful world of angling out there that our choices are seemingly limitless. I got embroiled in a conversation the other day about dream trips. There was talk of the Seychelles and the Florida Keys, along with sailfish in the Indian Ocean and, of course, marlin.

They all sound amazing, but when I started getting into the weeds of where I’d go if I had a bottomless pit of money, and spare time, it was surprising how many trips were actually realistic as opposed to simply ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ style things. And a lot of that boils down to just how good our fishing is at home.

While sailfish and rooster fish were high up the list, equally as high were some far more ‘possible’ options. Blue sharks or bluefin tuna off Cornwall, tope in Wales, big grayling fishing in Scotland, and a big bass or wrasse from anywhere. Interesting that they’re mainly saltwater-based. Maybe that’s the key – it’s about doing something a little bit different, and it doesn’t have to be that far away.

A trip to carp Mecca Redmire Pool is feasible, and some of our rivers are the best in the world – a few days chubbing on the Dorset Stour, barbel on the Trent, or big bristling perch from the Severn or the Thames, for example. And, if you haven’t experienced ‘wild-water’ fishing, then head into Wales with a stick float or a fly rod. Look at some of our amazing big reservoirs too.

Staying here may not seem quite so glamorous as the far-flung options, but anglers from overseas are starting to visit Britain, which is fast becoming a dream angling destination for many these days.

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