Brace of 3lb-plus rudd banked

Huge specimens fall to helicopter tactics

Brace of 3lb-plus rudd banked

by Angling Times |

South Yorkshire angler Joshua Dorka landed a superb brace of big rudd weighing 3lb 3oz and 3lb from his local syndicate water.

Falling to a helicopter set-up with three dead maggots as hookbait, both fish gave drop-back bites – but put up completely different fights.

“The larger one came in like a ball of weed,” Josh said,

“But once it went in the net it really thrashed around.

"The second, smaller fish fought really well, and I thought it was a tench!

"It was definitely one of the hardest-fighting rudd I’ve come across. When they get to that size, though, it’s all irrelevant – they’re such special creatures.”

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