‘Bounced’ maggots fools big grayling

River Dove specimen is highlight of captor's season

'Bounced' maggots fools big grayling

by Angling Times |

THE River Dove produced this fantastic 3lb grayling for species enthusiast Lee Mitchell, who was left shaking after landing it.

Legering maggot, using a single swan shot that bounced around the swim, Lee was loosefeeding a few maggots and fishing his double red maggot hookbait under an overhanging tree, allowing it to trundle downstream.

After having a bang on the tip Lee connected to a heavy fish he felt sure was a chub – however, after realising it was a grayling, his season was ‘made already’.

A size 14 Kamasan spade-end hook and 4lb line on a light feeder rod was the winning set-up.

Lee Mitchell – 3lb grayling
Lee Mitchell – 3lb grayling
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