‘Bounced’ flake tempts massive Thames chub

'Bounced' flake tempts massive Thames chub

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Traditional tactics can still outwit the largest of fish, as Roy Jones proved when he caught this clonking great chub weighing 8lb on the nose.

He was fishing the River Thames with a lump of breadflake, which he bounced around the swim on a light link leger set-up.

For loosefeed, Roy introduced mashed bread  regularly to keep a trickle of attraction going through the area. After receiving a tap on his quivertip, it slowly pulled round in classic chub-bite fashion.

He revealed that despite its size, the fish didn’t put up much of a fight initially, but then suddenly woke up as it neared the bank and gave a great scrap at close quarters. Thankfully, Roy’s size 8 hook and 5lb line held firm, and he was able to slip his net under the biggest chub he’s ever landed.


<strong>Roy Jones – 8lb chub</strong>

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