David Williams and the unofficial F1 record

by Angling Times |

The biggest F1 ever recorded has been caught by a carp angler from a Lancashire club water.

David Williams got a huge shock when he netted the colossal 13lb 8oz specimen during a recent carp fishing trip. The fish is considerably bigger than the assumed ceiling weight of F1s, which normally grow to a maximum of about 6lb.

A cross between crucian and common carp, F1s were first farmed 30 years ago to provide year-round sport on the growing commercial match scene.

Simon Hughes, who created the breed, tells Angling Times:

“That is definitely an F1, and by the looks of it it’s one of ours.

“It’s the biggest I’ve heard of, so it’d be a record as far as we’re aware.”

There has never been an official British record for F1s and Simon said the biggest he had previously encountered were around the 9lb-10lb mark.

David (46) caught the new unofficial British best while targeting specimen carp with a 14mm pop-up boilie on a chod rig.

“It gave me a proper scrap,”

said David, who weighed the fish on Reuben Heaton scales.

“When it came in I looked at the lateral line, and then saw no big barbules, and thought it had to be a huge F1.

“My friend had one weighing 10lb 6oz from the same water last winter, so I knew there were a handful of big ones in there.”

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