Best winter roach fishery in the country drained empty

by Dominic Garnett |
Published on

Anglers are seeking urgent answers following the potentially disastrous loss of water and fish stocks from the famous “Town Welland” stretch of river.

Following serious ongoing issues with an unrepaired breach at Cowbit Wash, water levels have plummeted to such a drastic extent that only muddy puddles remain.

Eyewitness reports reveal that pockets of stranded fish are being picked off by predators, while the rest have been washed miles away.


“This is a devastating blow and we are in constant contact with the Environment Agency,”  Peterborough and District Angling Association chairman Rob Harris told us.

“We’re weighing up all options – including potential legal action due to the possibility of severe mismanagement of the river and the reckless endangerment of fish stocks, as well as reputational damage to a historic venue and club asset.”

P&DAA are also asking as many anglers as possible to call the EA hotline (0800 807060) to report the low levels and to log dead and distressed fish, in order to apply urgent pressure.

“The Town Welland is in dire trouble at this stage- and the Agency doesn’t seem to know much,” continued Rob.

“Besides the fish, which could now be swept out into The Wash, there is the impact on the entire habitat to consider.

"Our worry is that yet again fish don’t seem to matter to the authorities- and this follows a cocktail of issues from pollution incidents to multiple seals on local rivers.

"So often anglers are not even consulted and yet we have a huge number of stakeholders now desperately concerned.”

Fish Legal has already been contacted, as speculation ensues over the immediate and long-term future of what is regarded by many to be the best winter roach fishery in the country.

“The club has paid thousands this year for the lease of the fishery- and allowed anglers to fish for free until the end of the season. Yet now we have no fish and as yet no indication of what measures will be taken.”

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