Anglers protest against Britain’s dirty rivers

Anglers protest against Britain's dirty rivers

by Angling Times |

Anglers recently united in a protest outside Environment Agency (EA) and Defra offices to highlight the shocking levels of raw sewage dumped into rivers.

Joining eco-activists and wild swimmers, they demanded that the EA and Defra ‘do their job’ and protect UK waterways. In 2020, according to an EA report, there were more than 400,000 more raw sewage releases into rivers compared to 2019.

Ben Slater (43), a lifelong angler, was at the protest after witnessing first-hand the demise of rivers near his Oxfordshire home.

“I’ve never been to a protest before, but after seeing the amount of raw sewage being pumped into rivers near me, I wanted to stand up and do something,” he said.

“There’s nowhere near enough being done to protect our beautiful waterways that are rapidly dying. There’s so much money available for housing, yet our rivers are forgotten. We need government to take notice and do something about it, and I’d urge more anglers to take a stand and make their voices heard.”

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