Angler runs out of nets with 550lb-plus haul of carp

“I had to walk the bank asking for keepnets!”

by Angling Times |

THE biggest match weight of the year was taken this past week by Birmingham’s Phil Canning, who used 10 keepnets to hold a mind-boggling 557lb of carp!

The haul was taken from peg 1 on Lambsdown Lake at Coventry’s Meadowlands Fishery, where Phil noticed few fish cruising on the surface.

He said: “I started off ‘mugging’ with pellets on the pole, and had four fish in 15 minutes,” he said. “They then backed off, so I switched to a small waggler and carried on catching for a few hours.”

The carp then arrived on the short pole line, where Phil had a terrific run of fish between 8lb and a hefty 20lb.

“After three hours I’d used all five of my keepnets and was walking the bank asking for spares!” he revealed. “Very kind anglers lent me five more over the next three hours and come the weigh-in I went over the 80lb limit in five of them, so I had nearer 600lb!”

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