Angler catches one of the world’s rarest sharks in UK

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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British sea angling is truly one of the last frontiers when it comes to fishing for the unknown. Whilst anglers can target certain species, you can never be certain of what will take your bait next, and it is this mystery that adds to the excitement.

Lifelong angler Fred Dowdall experienced such a moment whilst fishing with his friend Ste Moffatt around the Wales area, when he managed to land an Angel Shark, a fish considered to be one of the rarest shark species in the world!

A truly remarkable capture.
A truly remarkable capture.

 "We were fishing for tope, another shark species and my friend Ste managed to land a great fish in the same session," Fred told us.

"Rigs were fairly simple but strong, pulley pennel rigs with 80lb line, coupled with a size 6/0 circle, which was baited with half a mackerel."

"I had the first bite, and with a powerful run, we both agreed it was a tope, that was until Ste went to beach the fish and realised what I had hooked."

"we were utterly shocked and excited when we saw it was an angel shark - the last fish we ever expected to catch considering how rare they are, it just proves you never really know what you'll catch."

"This was a fish of a lifetime for me and a capture I will never forget, to catch such an unusual and rare species is the pinnacle of my angling career," he said.

"We treated the fish with the utmost respect and it went back really strong, I am just honoured to have got a moment with it!."

The angel shark is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List and must be returned to the water after capture.

Fred with one of the rarest fish you'll ever see in British waters.
Fred with one of the rarest fish you'll ever see in British waters.
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