Angler catches his second 18lb-plus barbel of the season…from two different rivers!

18lb 9oz Thames beast continues rich run of form for John Harrison

Angler catches his second 18lb-plus barbel of the season...from two different rivers!

by Angling Times |

THERE are few barbel anglers on better form than South Yorkshire’s John Harrison, who’s just landed this 18lb 9oz barbel from the Thames.

It follows the capture of an 18lb 5oz fish from the Kennet a few weeks ago and is the result of John’s tireless barbel approach.

Fishing for four days, John had just one bite, but it was well worth the wait.

John used his tried-and-tested 12mm boilie fished on a size 8 hook – big for the bait, but it clearly works. Alongside this, he offered a very small PVA bag of pellets, and every half-an-hour he drip-fed eight boilies to draw fish into the swim.

John Harrison – 18lb 9oz barbel
John Harrison – 18lb 9oz barbel
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