6-year-old catches 6lb chub

by Aidan Bordiuk |
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On the opening day of the season, 6-year-old Ayden Johnson achieved a fishing milestone that many anglers can only dream of. While fishing with his dad on a southern river, Ayden caught a massive 6lb chub, a feat even seasoned anglers find remarkable.

As his dad, Ollie, was busy packing away some gear, Ayden decided to cast some free-lined bread towards a promising spot behind a slack where they had spotted some chub earlier. It didn’t take long for the huge chub to take it, nearly pulling the rod from Ayden’s hands.

"The cast was perfect, it was as if it was meant to be, the bread fell straight onto the line it needed to with the minimal splash to not spook the chub," Ollie recounted.

"I just watched as the bread flowed downstream and I just knew what was coming."

"The biggest chub in the shoal swam straight towards the bread and engulfed it, which was amazing to see in the clear water."

"The first Ayden knew about it was the rod almost being wrenched from his hands. He played it all the way to the bank before we safely netted it."

"He really loves his fishing and this is one of his best fish to date. He wants to catch a big barbel next, so fingers crossed we can cross that off the list," Ollie added.


Ayden Johnson with his scale perfect 6lb chub.
Ayden Johnson with his scale perfect 6lb chub.

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