4lb 11oz perch puts up ‘nail-biting’ fight

Lure fools big stripey from snaggy river swim

4lb 11oz perch puts up 'nail-biting' fight

by Angling Times |

On his very first visit to a river in the Thames system, Berkshire lure fishing fanatic Adam Jones was thinking of heading back to the car after a fishless 45 minutes, but he couldn’t resist a few final casts in a really snaggy swim.

Two chucks in, the line tightened, and after a nail-biting fight he netted this 4lb 11oz stripey.

“I would love to see how big it is come the end of the season,” he told Angling Times.

Adam Jones – 4lb 11oz perch
Adam Jones – 4lb 11oz perch
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