40lb carp is UK’s biggest-ever on the pole

It battled for 30 minutes on a No14 hollow elastic

40lb carp is UK's biggest-ever on the pole

by Angling Times |

THE biggest pole-caught carp ever reported in the UK has been banked, weighing 40lb exactly.

Landed by Surrey angler, Wayne Means, the fish came from Paddock Lake at Newdigate Farm Fishery in Dorking and is known as ‘Socrates’, the largest in the lake.

Wayne, who had enjoyed a peaceful session landing small carp, bream, and crucians on pole-fished corn, hooked the fish on a No14 hollow elastic and battled it for 30 minutes.

“As soon as I struck, this huge carp broke surface, and I knew I’d be in for a proper battle,” he said.

“After 30 minutes, my arms were aching, and I shouted over to a lad carp fishing on the far bank with a big net who helped me land and weigh it.

“The scales read dead-on 40lb, and when I called over to my dad to come and get a look, I’d never seen a 70-year-old run so fast!”

Wayne Means and his 40lb carp on the pole
Wayne Means and his 40lb carp on the pole
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