30-night wait for big eel worth every minute

'Eel Man' scoops another Drennan Award with superb specimen

30-night wait for big eel worth every minute

by Angling Times |

EEL fanatic Steve Pitts has been back on the hunt for his favourite species, this time landing a 6lb 3oz specimen from a southern stillwater.

Rutland-based Steve only targets eels, and on this particular pit he does an average of 30 nights for every bite. However, the wait is worthwhile, says Steve, as the fish are so big when they finally come along.

He admits there’s no rhyme nor reason to when he gets a bite – the weather conditions seem to make very little difference. But Steve swings the odds in his favour by feeding his attraction-packed soil mix, filled with fish oils, dried hemp and a few other ‘secret additions’.

Over this he fishes a small Arma-mesh bag filled with pieces of dead fish alongside a bolt rig with a heavy lead and short hooklink.

Steve Pitts  – 6lb 3oz eel
Steve Pitts – 6lb 3oz eel
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