18lb-plus Trent barbel caught…three times!

River giant fooled by same angler on three separate occasions

18lb-plus Trent barbel caught...three times!

by Angling Times |

Daniel Stables succeeded in catching his latest target species, landing this 18lb 6oz River Trent barbel – and not just the once!

“When I finally got on to the banks in late February, I had a slightly strange experience,” Daniel told us.

“Between February 20 and 27 I landed this fish three times!

"On the first two occasions I wasn’t able to get a proper weight, as I only have small pocket scales, but the third time round my friend, armed with quality scales, weighed it for me.

"I was up all night thinking why, how, and what had happened!”

A halibut pellet hookbait proved to be the fish’s downfall.

Daniel Stables and his 18lb 6oz Trent barbel
Daniel Stables and his 18lb 6oz Trent barbel
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