Ton-plus of river tench... in march!

Tench are a species usually associated with spring and summer, but one angler has just caught over 100lb of them from a river – and it’s only March!

The amazing haul by Bait-Tech and Cadence Fishing-backed Steve Cowley came from Norfolk’s Great Ouse Relief Channel. The fish averaged 6lb and fell to distance feeder tactics.

Steve said: “I caught 20 tench between 5lb and 7lb, for a catch dreams are made of – over 100lb of prime river tincas.

Steve Cowley brace of tench.jpg

“It was my personal-best river weight as well.

“On the day I fished the feeder at around 40m-45m using a mix of Bait Tech Omen and Bait Tech Kult Carp sweet fishmeal with a double worm hookbait. 

“I caught the first tench after an hour and picked off fish throughout the session – I even caught a sea trout, which was another first! It was a session I’ll never forget.”

Steve’s terminal tackle included a Cadence 13ft feeder rod, 6lb mainline, a 0.14mm hooklength and a size 14 hook.

over 100lb of tench for Steve Cowley.jpg